Mattel Chaos Duel Disk Product Instructions

The Yu Gi Oh! Duel Disk launcher is a portable game board released by Mattel in 2003 for the popular Yu Gi Oh! card game. The Duel Disk launcher is attached to the wrist and features a mechanical countdown of your remaining life points as well as slots for your monster, magic, field and graveyard cards. Learn how to assemble, transform and set-up your Duel Disk launcher to get the most from the toy.

Slide one end of the straps into the loops on the wrist band and the other end into the loops on the palm portion of the Duel Disk.

Insert the grooved edge of the palm portion of the toy into the slot on the playing board. The palm piece will snap in place when correctly attached.

Press the power switch to the "||" position to turn on the Duel Disk.

Pull the wrist band over your left hand and wrap the straps around your wrist to secure the Duel Disk to your arm.

Twist the small wing of the playing board to the left around your wrist until it clicks in place, and then hold your arm in an upright position.

Pull down on the trigger under the larger wing of the playing board to start the mechanical transformation of the playing board. Continue to hold your arm in an upright position until the Duel Disk stops moving.

Lower your arm so it rests in a horizontal position and insert your card pack into the card holder on the right side of the playing board.

Insert one monster card into each of the five monster card slots on the front of the game board. You can also place one magic card in the slots underneath the monster card slots and a field card in the slot to the right of the small wing.

Slide used cards into the graveyard slot, located above your card pack holder.

Check your life points display by pressing the far right arrow button. A backlight will turn on so you can better see your remaining life points.

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