How to make stuffed balloons

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Stuffed balloons provide a unique gift for all ages and can be made without a balloon stuffing machine. If you plan to make a large quantity of stuffed balloons or are looking at doing this professionally, then a stuffing machine could be necessary. However, to make only a few stuffed balloons, you can use common everyday items around the home to assist you in making your own unique stuffed balloon.

Prepare the balloon. In order to get the stuffed toy into the balloon, the neck of the balloon will need to be stretched out. Work it gently with your hands until you can place the neck around your wrist with your hand inside the balloon. If you have long nails, consider wearing gloves to avoid tearing the balloon.

Wrap the neck of the balloon around the PVC pipe. Take the neck of the balloon and stretch it over the top of your PVC pipe. Ideally, the toy you are going to use inside the balloon will be smaller than the pipe to easily insert it.

Insert the toy into the balloon. Turn the PVC pipe upside down so that the balloon is now on the bottom. Insert the toy into the end of the PVC pipe and gently press it through until it is in the balloon.

Remove the neck of the balloon from the PVC pipe and place it around the hose of the ShopVac. Work carefully to avoid tearing the balloon.

Use the ShopVac to fill the balloon. Set the ShopVac to exhaust and turn it on. The balloon will begin to fill. Once it has reached the desired size, pinch the neck of the balloon and turn the ShopVac off.

Tie off the balloon. Tie off the balloon just like you would an regular balloon that you blew up manually. Take the pinched neck of the balloon, wrap it around your finger and tie it off.

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