How to Remove a Shimano Deore LX Crank

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Shimano Deore LX is a series of components designed especially for cross-country and trekking bikes. The series includes a crankset that features Shimano's Hollowtech II design. The crankset is composed of sprockets, a spindle and a pair of pedal arms called "cranks." There is a crank on both sides of the bicycle.

A pedal is attached to each crank, and during pedalling the cranks cause the spindle, sprockets and chain to rotate. Cranks may be removed periodically for cleaning and servicing.

Insert the Shimano TL-FC15 tool into the cap on the left-side Deore LX crank. The right-side crank has sprockets attached. The left side crank does not.

Turn the Shimano TL-FC15 tool counterclockwise, loosening the cap. Remove the cap from the Deore LX crank.

Loosen the pinch bolt on the left-side crank, just to the side of where the cap was located. The pinch bolt requires a 5mm hex key and turns counterclockwise to loosen.

Grab the left side Deore LX crank and pull it free of the spindle.

Turn to the other side of the bicycle. Grab the right Deore LX crank and pull it free of the bicycle. The right side Deore LX crank and spindle are a single unit. The two will come away together.