How to Troubleshoot a Denon DVD-3910

The Denon DVD-3910 is a high-end DVD player that can also spin Super Audio compact discs. The component has received nearly universal ratings of excellence from audio video publications evaluating picture and audio quality.

If you experience problems with the DVD-3910, a series of troubleshooting steps recommended by Denon may help you restore the component to normal operation. Cleaning the laser lens with a disc cleaning kit may instantly resolve playback problems, as almost all DVD players accumulate dust on the laser lens that can diminish picture quality.

Turn the power button off and on. The LED display panel illuminates on the front of the unit to show it is getting power.

Push in the cable plugs on the back of the unit to ensure firm connections and check the other end of the cables to verify they are connected to the TV or AV receiver.

Set the TV and AV receiver inputs to the names of the jacks that connect the equipment to the Denon DVD player. For example, push and release the "Video" button on the TV remote until the Denon signal appears. If the TV or receiver are changed to a different video setting, no picture from the Denon will appear on the screen.

Press and release the "Select" and "Format" buttons on the upper-left side of the Denon remote control to ensure the DVD player is set to the correct connection and format. For example, if the player is set to the HDMI connection, but the player is actually hooked up to a TV with a DVI or component video connection, there will be no video or audio.

Press the "Open/Close" button to eject the tray for inserting the laser lens cleaning disc. Press the button again to retract the tray. Press "Play" to start the disc cleaning sequence once the disc loads and displays on the TV screen. This procedure typically takes less than one minute.

Eject the cleaning disc and insert a DVD to test playback.

Restore the Denon to factory settings if all else fails. To perform a hard reset of the unit, press the "Stop" button on the front panel, and then press and hold the "Skip" and "Play" buttons. Press the "Open/Close" button while holding the "Skip" and "Play" buttons for at least three seconds. The Denon DVD-3910 will revert to the original settings so you can test DVD playback.