How to Lift a Jaguar E-Type

Lifting your Jaguar E-type is the first step in many do-it-yourself projects. When done properly, raising your Jaguar can allow you to work under it safely. Done improperly, it can fall, damaging your car and/or injuring anyone who might be underneath.

That said, you can raise your car safely and easily with the proper tools.

Park your Jaguar E-type on a hard, flat surface. This will keep it from rolling, or sinking into the ground, which both cause instability.

Shift your Jaguar into "Park" and engage the parking brake.

Place a pair of wheel chocks under the wheels not being raised. If you're raising the back, place the chocks under the front wheels. If you're raising the front, place them behind the back.

Lift your Jaguar at two of the lift points using your floor jacks. There is one just behind each front wheel, and one just in front of each back wheel. You will need to jack up your Jaguar by either both front lift points or both back lift points to avoid twisting the frame.

Put a jack stand under each lift point you have raised.