How to Make a Merman Costume

merman design on gate image by thomas owen from

Legends of mermaids have been popular for ages, particularly among old-world sailors, and they're an oft-seen Halloween costume for women. But girls and women aren't the only people who can enjoy transforming into half-human, half-fish creatures; boys and men can turn themselves into mermen. Putting together a merman costume on your own is a simple process that doesn't require many materials. Although mermen are often depicted with a beard and green hair, there are many variations of this costume, depending on your personal preferences.

Wrap the blue-green shimmery fabric tightly around your legs, starting above your knees, until your waist, hips, thighs, and legs are covered securely. When you get to the waist, tuck the material deep into the back of the waist.

Attach another piece of the shimmery blue material above the knees, which will extend far enough down to cover the shoes. This can be done using a needle and thread or a hot-glue gun.

Use the hot-glue gun to fix sequins, seashells, and other decorations to the tail fin.

Don the green wig, beard, seashell necklace, Hawaiian lei and sandals, and grab your trident. If you feel uncomfortable going topless or if the weather is too cold to permit it, put on a fake men's torso, which can be purchased at a costume store, preferably one that is made to look strong and buff.

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