Instructions for Keter Sheds

winter shed image by Paul Coskery from

Keter sheds were invented in Israel. They are made of durable polypropylene that is both washable and water resistant. Keter makes a range of furniture, gardening equipment, storage and children's products that are touted by the company as safe and long-lasting.

If a Keter shed is set up correctly at the beginning, you can expect it to last for many years. Follow simple to understand instructions with no special tools and you will be enjoying your shed in a matter of hours.

Open the box that the shed kit comes in very carefully and lay out all the pieces. Make sure that everything that is listed on the box is present.

Look at the top or bottom of each piece. Each piece will have a letter on it. "B" is for the back piece. "S" is for the sides. The pieces marked with "Q" or "G" are the brackets. "A" is for the bottom and "E" is for the top. "H" designates the doors.

Lay the pieces out on a flat area according to the letters. For example, lay the two pieces marked with "S" for the sides either on top of each other or side by side.

Lay the "A" piece or the bottom on a flat, level piece of ground or floor, if it is an indoor shed. Take the piece marked "B" and line it up on the back side of the bottom piece. Look for the two smaller of four holders that are on the bottom piece in the corners. Place the two protruding pieces into two smaller holders. The larger ones are for the sides. Push gently until you feel the back click into place on both sides.

Locate the "S" pieces, or the sides, and find the protruding pieces that will fit into the holders on the bottom. Line one side up and bring it down along the groove in the back piece. Press the protrusions into the larger holders on the bottom piece until you here them click into place. Do the same with the other side.

Take the "A" piece, or the top and line it up so that the four protruding pieces are above the hollowed tops of the sides. Press into place gently until you feel all four pieces click into place.

Take the "H" pieces, or the doors, and line the "G" pieces along the bottom of each door. Snap them into place. Take the "Q" pieces and click then into place at the top of the doors. Locate the opening at the edge of the top and click the doors into place on top.

Use an electric screwdriver and the screws that come with the shed and screw in the bottom of the doors into the holes that are on the bottom or floor of the shed. Also screw in the screws that belong in the middle edges of the doors. They have holes provided in the edges of the sides of the shed. Make sure that the door swings all the way open and closed before putting away the screwdriver.