How to Remove the Stand for the Samsung SyncMaster

Samsung manufactures a wide variety of monitor sizes and resolutions in their SyncMaster line of LCD monitors. This enables them to cater to the needs of a large number of users, regardless of monitor needs. Having the right size of monitor may not be adequate.

The need to mount the monitor using a third party mount may necessitate the removal of the factory installed SyncMaster monitor stand. In less than five minutes you can remove your monitor stand, quickly readying it for the mounting system of your choice.

Place a cushion on your work surface that's large enough to support the screen surface of your monitor. Turn off the monitor and remove any wires leading to it. Place the monitor face down on the cushion.

Remove the screws securing the monitor to the monitor stand using a Phillips head screwdriver. Unscrew the four screws, located on either side of the central stand post, forming a square centred onto the monitor rear. Pull the screws from the holes and set aside in case you need them to mount the monitor elsewhere.

Pull the monitor stand upward from the monitor to remove the base from its monitor screen.