How to Make a Homemade Goth Angel Halloween Costume

gothic girl image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Goth angels, or Gothic angels, are a fun alternative to a white angel Halloween costume. The difference between a traditional angel costume and a Goth angel costume is the deep dark colours such as black, purple, red and maroon, as opposed to plain white.

Making your own Goth angel costume is fairly easy, especially if you dress in Gothic clothing already and have elements of the outfit available in your closet.

Make your Goth angel costume with clothing you already have. You can wear a black leather miniskirt for the bottom half of your costume. Also, black combat boots or black leather knee boots will work perfectly with the Gothic angel costume. For the top, consider wearing a sexy corset or a lace-up shirt in a dark colour. Accent your costume with a feather boa, fishnet stockings and long fingerless gloves.

Take a white or metallic halo, and spray paint it black. Another option is to go to a craft store, and purchase black pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners around each other until you have a wreath to fit on your head. If you wish the halo to be up above your head, use the pipe cleaners to make a stand in the back of the halo. Clip the halo to the back of your hair with a barrette.

Spray paint a set of angel wings black. Regular white angel wings can be purchased in any costume store. Embellish the wings by gluing small or long feathers on the edges of the wings.

Wear Gothic make-up. Gothic make-up is generally pale skin with a generous amount of black mascara and eyeliner. Lipstick is black or very deep purple. For a sexy Gothic angel, wear false eyelashes with sparkly grey and black eye shadow. Paint your fingernails black or deep purple.

Wear Gothic accessories to complete your fallen angel look. Any dark or heavy metallic jewellery is perfect for a Gothic angel. A velvet choker collar or a dog collar with spikes is always a suitable choice. Consider carrying a black leather whip or a bouquet of dead flowers to enhance the morbidity of the costume.