How to make jewellery from trellis yarn

thread for knitting and crocheting image by Galina Moiseeva from

Trellis yarn is a ladder yarn available in an array of colours and patterns. This versatile yarn makes interesting variations for your projects. The vibrant colours are useful when making different types of jewellery. These jewellery projects can use beading, crocheting or even knitting techniques.

These projects do not need to be complicated, though they can be, to produce great looking results. The three projects listed below are very simple, so get the family involved.

Necklace or ring

Measure the length of the necklace you desire and add 25 cm (10 inches). This will give plenty of room to work with. It is easier to cut off extra than add length later. For a ring measure 7.5 or 10 cm (3 or 4 inches).

Lay the yarn out flat and decide the spacing of the beads. Feed the yarn through the first bead so it is 15 cm (6 inches) from one of the ends. For the ring, feed it to the middle of the yarn piece.

Hold the yarn tight next to the placement of the bead with two fingers. Take the farthest end of the yarn and bring it over the bead so that it is drawn tight. Tie the yarn in a knot with the bead held tight. Pass the long end that you knotted back through the bead. The bead is now tied, but passing it back through keeps it from flopping. With the ring, after you pass it through, tie the yarn passed through in a knot at the point next to the bead on the opposite side as the previous knot. The ring is finished. To wear the ring tie it on with the knot under your finger.

Continue beading the necklace using the process in step 3 until you have the look you want. Try to keep the spacing even as this will make the look better.

To wear, tie the ends of yarn around your neck with the knot at the back. To make a more complex necklace, repeat the process with two, three or four more strands. Make the new strands slightly longer or shorter than each other for a layered and bunched look.

Crochet necklace

Measure 75 cm (2 1/2 foot) length of yarn. Do not cut the yarn.

Tie a slip knot at the point measured.

Using the loop of the knot, gather the yarn through making a second loop. You could use a crochet hook if you prefer. Again pull the yarn through the loop you just made. Now you have a third loop. Keep this up until you reach 100 chain stitches. When you reach 100 stitches pull the rest of the yarn through and measure out another 75 cm (2 1/2 feet) for the next chain.

Repeat these steps to make five more chains. Make each chain 10 fewer stitches than the previous chain.

Gather all of the chains at one of end and knot together 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the tip. Gather the other tips and twist the chains. Tie that end together. Knot both ends together to form your necklace. Adjust the length by tying the ends closer or farther from the ends.