How to make a Legolas costume

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Legolas is one of the characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With materials such as suede, ribbon, and leather, his elven wardrobe is considered to be high-class. You can use these materials to create your own Legolas costume. You can make it more affordable by using wool or a cotton fabric. Either way, your Legolas costume should include a jerkin, trousers, boots, and a bow and arrows. You can add more or less detail.

Cut two upper body sized rectangles out of your wool, cotton, or suede fabric. Using a pirate shirt pattern can help you get the proper fit and measurements for your size.

Sew the two rectangles together at the sides and shoulders, and cut a slit down the front. Cut out arm and neck holes, and sew down any rough or frayed edges. Lace the front slit with string or thin ribbon. Add any trim or embellishments you'd like for authenticity. Legolas wears a belt. Your jerkin should be a drab green or black with a silver or dark green belt.

Cut 15 cm (6 inch) strips of the metallic silver fabric and sew bands around the sleeves of your long-sleeved black shirt. These should start at the elbows and go downward. Pair this with tight trousers. You can use long underwear (try to find drab green or black), leggings, or dark tights.

Spray paint a bow and arrow with texturising paint from your local hardware shop. Choose a paint that will give a wooden look to your set. If you cannot find textured spray paint, simply paint the bow and arrow brown and white. Put on the long sleeved shirt, with the jerkin and belt layered on top. Add the trousers and put on boots.

Purchase a Legolas wig at your local party shop or online to finish off your look. These are readily available during Halloween, and all year round at costume websites like Amazon or Party Domain (see Resources). Finish off your costume with a long black or brown cloak, and pointed elf ears, which can again be purchased at most costume shop and sites.

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