How to Decorate Floral Funeral Wreaths

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When we cannot be with friends or family who have lost a loved one, a homemade wreath can send our messages of condolence. Even at the grave site, a homemade wreath will be a reminder to everyone who sees it that you are mourning the passing of the person who is no longer here.

Using common sense and the language of flowers you can make a simple yet unforgettable funeral wreath that can comfort mourners even if you cannot be there in person.

Remove the plastic coating from around the floral wreath foam form. Fill the sink half way with tepid water and add the envelope of floral preservative, stirring it with your fingers.

Place the floral wreath foam form into the water with the foam side facing the water. Allow it to sit in the water for about 10 minutes.

Decide what type of flowers you will be using for your wreath. Look at pictures on the Internet and decide which would be the most appropriate for showing your sentiments. Different flowers have different meanings. For example, red roses signify love, passion, courage and respect. Carnations are indicative of admiration and love.

Buy the flowers when they are fully or almost fully bloomed. This is especially true if you are making the wreath to be used within a day or two. If they need to travel or will be displayed for sometime, you can consider getting a mixture of nearly bloomed and later bloomers.

Take a handful of pachysandra with five or six leaves on it and begin pressing in the stems at the top of the wreath. Do not push the stems through to the plastic. They should be about midway between the top of the foam and the centre. Do this all the way around, just pushing the pachysandra into the foam. If you feel that the wreath is too bare, add more pachysandra.

Distribute the flowers evenly around the wreath, surrounding the blooms ready to open with those that will take longer to open. Make sure that what you do on one side you do on the other. If you are using more than one type of flower, distribute them evenly. Do not use more than two or three colours.

Enclose a card or place a ribbon with your love and any sentiments you wish to express so the family knows who sent the wreath. Keep your card or ribbon short and about the deceased person.