How to Make Sweet Pea Flowers With Gum Paste

sweet pea flowers # 2 image by susie peek-swint from

Gum paste is kind of edible modelling clay used by cake makers and decorators. Gum paste is pliable and easy to form into various shapes and designs, such as flowers. Sweet pea flowers come in varying colours, from light to dark pink and purple.

If you are designing a cake or just wish to make sweet pea flowers as an edible addition to sweet design, first acquire your gum paste and food colouring.

Find a clean flat surface to work on and roll out the gum paste until it is less than 1/6 inch thick. If the paste is already coloured with food colouring, proceed to creating the flowers. If you still need to mix the gum paste with colouring, assess the depth of colour you wish to use and cut the right amount of gum paste for that amount.

Create pinks and purples by adding colouring to the amount of gum paste you require for each colour and massage it into the paste until the colour is mostly consistent throughout. It is good to leave just a tad of marbling in the paste because no flower is only one shade of colour. Observe a sweet pea flower and note it has fine lines of white and pale pinks running through it, so marbling is a truer representation.

Cut a small piece of the gum paste and shape it into the petal shape of the sweet pea flower. It has the appearance of a bonnet covering a small bulbous object with a beak shape hanging over it. Create the bonnet by moulding it gently with your fingers, into almost a circle shape.

Cut the top notch from the circle with a knife, so it creates the bonnet effect. Cut another piece of gum paste and mould it to the shape of the bulbous object and use a Popsicle stick to press it against the bonnet and join the pieces together.

Use a thin small paint brush and some darker pink food colouring to paint fine lines into the petal. Let the colouring set in and the gum paste harden before applying it to your cake or design.