How to Clean Clay Pipes

ceramic pipe planter image by Scott Williams from

Clay pipes are a unique and early form of tobacco smoking. These pipes can be smoked several times before they need cleaning. However, there will come a time when cleaning will be necessary. There are many methods to cleaning clay pipes, and it can be easy.

Shake the pipe slowly to remove the loose ash and other debris.

Scrape out debris with the pipe tool. The pipe tool has a sharp end that helps break the ash in the clay pipe.

Clean the clay pipe with a pipe cleaner, but be very careful. Pipe cleaners are not suitable for 7-inch and 16-inch clay pipes. Hold the clay pipe by the mouth and slowly and carefully insert the pipe cleaner. Slowly twist the pipe cleaner, releasing debris. If the pipe cleaner doesn't fit into the clay pipe, don't try to force it.

Place a lighter underneath the clay pipe for a few minutes to clear out the residue. You can also heat the clay pipe over hot coals to remove the residue. Be careful when handling fire.

Insert a thin wire through the stem of the clay pipe to remove residue. The thin wire can be used to unblock the stem or the chamber at the end.