How to Tie Knots for Flags

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In most instances flags, are created and hung in an effort to represent a cherished or beloved ideal or piece of heritage. This is why it is necessary to take proper care in the hanging and display of your flags. Proper hanging will protect the flag from becoming torn, dirty and damaged.

Part of the process of hanging a flag is to tie a knot to keep it secure on the pole.

Feed one end of your flag rope up through the rope pulley at the top of your flagpole. Grip the ends of the rope and step away from the pole. Keep your hands next to each other to even out the halyard rope.

Take the ends of the rope and hold them together with one hand. Hold the ends down in front of you.

Slide one hand up the ropes approximately one arm's length. Grab the ropes at this point with your hand. Using your other hand, bring the ends around to make a loop.

Pull the ends under your hand down through the hole of the loop. Tighten and close the knot by pulling the ends down.

Move your hands past the knot and grip a rope in each hand. Pull the rope in your right hand down to get the knot raised to the bottom of the pulley.

Pull the knot in the rope around the cleats at the base of the flagpole. Make a "Figure 8" by crossing down around and back over each cleat until you reach the end. Tuck the end under your last "Figure 8."