Directions for the Plastic Talking E.T. Doll

In 2002, Tiger Electronics launched a plastic E.T. doll to coincide with the theatrical re-release of the Steven Spielberg film. It was like the Furby toy in that both had sensors that made them "talk" and respond to the user's actions. The E.T. doll has a 400-word vocabulary and can speak over 1,000 phrases.

Its finger and heart will glow in response to various situations. It can also blink its eyes and extend its neck.

Place the doll on a flat surface with the back facing up. Remove the screw to reveal the battery compartment.

Insert 2 AAA batteries. Align the "+" and "-" terminals in the appropriate direction. Close the battery compartment and replace and tighten the screw.

Pull E.T.'s red hood down to allow his neck to extend fully.

Pat E.T.'s head, tilt him from side to side, or squeeze his right hand to show him that you like him.

Squeeze his right hand to heal him when he's sick.

Squeeze E.T.'s left hand to start one of his four games. If he says "Follow E.T.," wait for him to name a list of body parts then you must repeat them in order. For "Hide and Seek," hide E.T. and give a friend three minutes to find him. E.T. will start making noises after 60 seconds. For "Story," wait for E.T. to pause in his part of the story. Fill in your part, then squeeze his left hand again when you want him to pick it up. For "Joke" you must guess the answer to his joke or riddle. Squeeze his left hand again to hear if you're right.

Turn E.T. upside-down to calm him, end a game, get his attention or wake him up.

Shine a flashlight at E.T. to startle him and make him sneeze.

Cover the light sensor on E.T.'s chest to make him feel secure.