How to Safely Dispose of Razor Blades

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Categorised as "sharps," the single or double blades on razor blades are sharp implements that are potentially hazardous. Disposal of razor blades in the bathroom, kitchen or hobby room garbage presents a danger to anyone that places an item in the container. Skin may be punctured or slashed by the blades that are contaminated with garbage, biological contaminants or infectious bacteria. Dispose of razor blades in the same manner as needles and broken glass for the protection of your family.

Select a plastic container with a lid that twists on securely. Print the words "Sharps" and "Contaminated" on the outside of the container with a permanent marker.

Cut a slit in the container cover or side with a sharp craft knife. The slit should be 1/2 inch wide with a 1/4-inch opening.

Tape around the outer edge of the cover and the container with duct tape. This will keep the container cover securely affixed to the container if it is being used to store more than one blade over a period of time.

Cover the used razor blade with a piece of masking tape to protect your fingers from the sharp blade.

Hold the blade by the masking tape covered area and insert into the slit on the top of the plastic container. Set the container on a high shelf in the bathroom for future use or place it directly into the garbage.

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