How to disable the alarm system on a ford van

Ford vans offer an alarm equipped with a passkey system that enables only someone with a key to disarm it. The programmed SecuriLock key enables you to disarm the alarm on your van if you lose your keyless entry keypad. The process is quick and easy, so you'll have access to your van in a matter of minutes.

Use your programmed SecuriLock key to unlock the door of the van. Once the van is unlocked with the programmed key, the alarm disables.

Located the van's fuse box. While different models may have fuse boxes located in different places, most Ford van's have a fuse box under the driver's side dash, close to the steering column.

Open the fuse box and look for the alarm fuse. Using a fuse puller so you don't damage the surrounding fuses, carefully remove the fuse from the box. Then, use the SecriLock key to start the car.