How to Backup Wii Games on Linux

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Creating Wii game backups is important, because you never know when you will lose, scratch or damage a Wii disc. Though Windows computer owners have multiple options to backup Wii games, Linux owners have Friidump, a Wii and GameCube ripping software, as the sole option. For most Linux users, the process is fairly straight forward. You download the Friidump program to your desktop, insert your Wii game into the computer's disc drive and run a few commands from the terminal window.

Download and extract the FriiDump source file to a folder on your Linux desktop. For this resource, use "friidump" as the folder name.

Open your Linux terminal window, then type "sudo -i" at the command prompt. This command establishes root user or administrator access.

Type "apt-get install cmake linux-kernel-headers build-essential" at the terminal prompt. This command automatically retrieves and installs the latest Linux kernel headers.

Go to your Linux desktop via the terminal. For example, you would type a similar command, "cd /home/user/Desktop/friidump" replacing "user" with your actual user name. The first letter in "Desktop" is capitalised or else you'll receive an error message.

Type "patch -p 0 < friidump_030to040_patch.txt" into the terminal prompt. This command automatically patches the FriiDump program.

Type this sequence of commands into the Linux terminal. First, type "mkdir BUILD" exactly, then "cd BUILD." Once your located in the BUILD directory, type "cmake" followed by "make" on the next prompt. Complete the process by typing "make install," which creates the FriiDump program from the source files.

Insert your Wii game disc into the computer's DVD-ROM drive.

Type "friidump -d /dev/cddrive -a" execute the program and backup your Wii game. Replace "cddrive" with the actual label of your DVD-ROM drive.

Store the .BAT backup file in a secure location on your hard drive or burn the file to a DVD-ROM.

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