How to Make an Egyptian Boy Costume

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Ancient Egyptian clothing was often indicative of a person's status, or place within the society. Men and boys typically wore skirt-like kilts as daily clothing, and sometimes (depending on the boy's role in society) a headdress. Fabrics were light in colour and composition, such as white or off-white linen. Create a costume in the great traditions of child pharaohs such as King Tut and make your own Egyptian boy outfit. Complete the costume with added touches such as a special decorative collar and more.

Cut off the brim of an old baseball hat.

Cut a rectangle shaped piece of gold fabric. This should be large enough to fit over the hat and come down at least six inches on each side. The specific length will depend on your child's size, but the fabric should come to the shoulders.

Tuck one end of the fabric under the front edge of the baseball cap. Use fabric glue to attach. Set aside to dry completely. Follow the manufacturer's directions for dry time.

Paint traditional blue stripes onto the headdress with fabric paint. Set aside to dry.

Cut a circle shape from the gold fabric. It should be large enough that, when folded, the radius reaches from one of the wearer's shoulders to the other.

Fold the circle in half and cut a head hole. This should be loose enough to easily fit over your child's head.

Cut a thin rectangle from the gold fabric. This will be a sash, and should be at least four inches wide and two feet long.

Cut thin rectangles from the gold fabric to use as wrist bands. These should be two to three inches wide and long enough to fit around and tie to your child's wrists.

Have your child put on the white T-shirt. Place the gold neck collar circle over your child's head onto his shoulders. Tie the sash around his waist and the wristbands around his hands.

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