DIY Warrior Costumes

Greek warrior 1 image by Paul Moore from <a href=''></a>

If you want to attend a costume party dressed as a warrior, consider a costume that takes its inspiration from both traditional Roman warrior dress and the Spartan warriors from the film "300," starring Gerard Butler as King Leonidas.

A revealing warrior costume will look best on a well-toned body, but any man brave enough to bare a little flesh will find the outfit comfortable to wear at a party. Opt for a single prop---sword, shield or spear---or arrive well-equipped for a fight with a Stormtrooper with all three props.

Make a shield from a clean, round plastic garbage bin lid. Use scissors to pierce two holes in the centre of the lid about 10 centimetres apart. Feed a piece of string through the holes and tie on the underside for use as a handle. Place the lid underside down on a large piece of newspaper. Spray the top side with silver or gold paint.

Design a sword. Your sword can be elaborately detailed or basic, depending on your drawing skills. Make a stencil drawing of the sword on a large piece of paper. Cut it out using scissors and place it on a piece of thick foam board. Use a sharp knife to cut around the stencil. Cover the sword with aluminium foil or spray paint to finish.

Make a spear from a wooden broom handle or stick. Use a knife to gently whittle one end down to a dull, round point. Do not sharpen the point, as this could be dangerous.

Create a striking cape from a large rectangular piece of red velvet. Tie at the right shoulder or clasp together with a silver brooch or belt buckle. If red velvet is too difficult to find or too expensive, use a red blanket. The finished cape should be long enough to hang just below your knees.

Wear a pair of tight black shorts or swim trunks with a dark belt. Finish the look with a pair of gladiator sandals.