How to make a Big Bad Wolf mask

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Masks are used for Halloween when children go out trick or treating or to a Halloween party. But masks may be used as part of a skit, a play or in a retelling of a story. While you can buy masks, even a Big Bad Wolf mask, part of the fun of a mask can be in actually creating the mask you or your child plan to use. While making a Big Bad Wolf mask takes planning, measuring and time, the effort rewards you with your own unique mask.

Find a picture, photo, illustration or graphic of a wolf. If the mask is to be used by a child, search for a wolf representation that isn't too scary for a child. Look for a full-faced graphic or picture. If you can find a series of illustrations from different views, all that much better to help you visualise the final result.

Enlarge the picture or graphic you've chosen. Consider how large the mask must be to cover the face of the person using the Big Bad Wolf mask. Enlarge accordingly. Make several copies in case your first effort doesn't work out quite the way you plan.

Purchase sturdy card stock to use as the base of the Big Bad Wolf mask. An A4 sheet will fit most faces. You can either use a black or grey card stock or white card stock you touch up with dark grey and black markers, crayons or paint. You can also use paper plates. Use what works best for you.

Center the picture on the card stock or paper plate. Glue the picture or graphic onto the card stock. Of course, you can also draw your own picture on the card stock or paper plate used for the mask. If using card stock, round out the edges to give the mask a less boxy look. Depending upon the picture or graphic you may wish to cut out more to fit the contours of the picture chosen. Cut a slit for the mouth. Cut out the eyes to see out of the Big Bad Wolf mask. You now have a Big Bad Wolf mask.

Add fasteners to the Big Bad Wolf mask. Along the sides of the mask where you will place the fasteners, glue sturdy pieces of cardboard. Allow to dry thoroughly. Cut or punch holes in the centre of the mask where you've glued the extra cardboard. This should be on the sides of the mask that will be nearest you ears. If you use string, yarn or a shoelace, make sure whatever you use is long enough to tie a bow at the back of your head. A foot and a half long piece for each side will work with most children. Thread the string or whatever you've chosen through the holes and fasten securely with a knot. If you use elastic, measure from one hole around the head to the other hole. Add allowance for tying into the holes and adjust the elastic so it fits without pulling too much. (It doesn't hurt to add glue to the elastic to make sure it says secure after you have it fastened.)

Try on the Big Bad Wolf mask. Check your mask in the mirror. Add colour or make adjustments to make your Big Bad Wolf mask a one-of-a-kind creation.

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