How to Repair Wheels on Luggage

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Many people think they need to purchase new luggage when a wheel breaks on a current set. Purchasing new luggage can set you back a lot of money, so if the wheel can be replaced, that will be the most cost-effective route to take. Assess the damage and determine if the wheel can be replaced. In some cases, new luggage may be necessary if the cost to repair is going to be more than the cost of a new bag itself.

Locate the area where the wheels are attached. Assess the damage and decide if the wheels can be replaced. Older sets of luggage don't have replaceable wheels; however, newer sets are designed to allow wheel replacement if necessary.

Remove the wheels from the bag using a screwdriver. Take the broken wheels with you when you purchase new ones so you get the correct size and brand.

Measure the wheels that need to be replaced. Record the diameter and thickness of the wheels. Use these measurements to order or purchase the new wheels.

Purchase replacement wheels. Wheels can be ordered online or purchased in travel shops that sell luggage. Be sure to purchase wheels with the correct measurement to guarantee they will fit the bag.

Screw the new wheels into the same location as the old wheels. Tighten the screws on the wheels without over tightening, as they will strip or the wheels will crack.

Test the luggage. Place a few heavy objects in the bag and make sure the wheels are even and the bag moves smoothly. Uneven or incorrectly installed wheels will cause them to crack if the items inside the bag are too heavy to move.

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