How to Set an Asset Tag Number on an Acer Aspire 5100

When your Aspire 5100 laptop is assembled at the factory, Acer sets an asset tag number in the BIOS and puts a sticker on the machine that includes the tag number. This asset tag is a method of identifying your computer in case you ever need to call customer support or send the laptop in for service. Although Acer chooses the original asset tag number, you don't have to always use that number. Accessing the BIOS lets you view and change the tag number.

Access the Aspire's "Start" menu and click the "Shut Down" option. Wait for the laptop to completely shut off and tap the circular power button above the keyboard to start up the boot sequence.

Press the "F2" key repeatedly when you see the "Press F2 to Enter Setup" message near the bottom edge of the screen. Tap the left arrow key to scroll over to the "Information" heading when the "Phoenix BIOS" menu appears on the screen.

Tap the down arrow key repeatedly until you reach the "Asset Tag Number" entry. Press "Enter" to open a text box displaying the current asset tag number. Tap the "Backspace" key to delete the existing tag.

Type the new combination of numbers and letters you want to use for the asset tag number and press "Enter." Navigate to the heading labelled "Exit."

Highlight the "Save and Exit" option. Tap "Enter" twice in a row to save your new asset tag number and restart the Acer Aspire 5100 laptop.

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