How to make a large candy bar bouquet

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For those who love candy bars, chocolate bar bouquets make a creative and enjoyable gift for any occasion, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's or a Halloween gift. With a few simple supplies, you can easily create a large chocolate bar bouquet customised for the occasion. Whether you use a variety of chocolate bar types or just one kind, a chocolate bar bouquet is sure to be a gift readily and willingly enjoyed by its recipient.

Choose your candy bars. In order to make a large chocolate bar bouquet, choose candy bars that are relatively large in size. You can make your bouquet with a number of different candy bars or just one type.

Choose a base for your bouquet. Some options include a mug with some sort of holiday, birthday, or personal theme; a flower vase, preferably one that is opaque; or a flowerpot. Make sure that your base is large enough and sturdy enough to balance the weight of your bouquet.

Measure the approximate diameter of your base and cut a piece of floral foam, using a craft knife, to fit on the inside of your base. The foam should sit approximately 1 inch below the top of the base.

Place the foam inside the base. It should fit inside snugly and should not move around from side to side.

Glue stems on your candy bars, using kebab skewers or craft sticks. Using a glue gun, place a small amount of glue onto the back of the chocolate bar wrapper and then press the kebab skewer or craft stick onto the glue, pressing firmly to adhere it. Repeat until all of the chocolate bar stems have been glued onto the backs of the chocolate bar wrappers.

Decorate your chocolate bar flowers. Wrap ribbon or bows onto each chocolate bar and stem, or cut flower petals out of coloured construction paper and glue them onto the backs of the chocolate bar wrappers. You can also add synthetic flowers to your bouquet, or attach them to the stems of your chocolate bar flowers.

Arrange your candy bars. Stick each chocolate bar and its stem into the floral foam inside of your base. You may want to cut the stems so that they are different heights. Add any additional decorative items, such as bows, synthetic flowers, or ribbons to the bouquet.

Place a plastic card holder into the floral foam and attach some sort of card, preferably a smaller card to keep from obstructing the view of the candy bars.

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