How to Open a Kimberly Clark Soap Dispenser

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Kimberly Clark is a leading corporation, well known for hygiene and personal care products from brands like Scott and Kleenex. Some soap dispensers Kimberly Clark produces are wall-mounted and usually for use in public rest rooms.

Opening these devices to change the soap bag can be confusing unless you know where to look, but it can be accomplished with two fingers and a bit of pressure. When opening a soap dispenser, it might be wise to look away or wear glasses as soap can fly into your eyes, causing irritation.

Place your fingers toward the cover's top. On many Kimberly Clark soap dispensers, the device will have built-in hooks on the cover's inside all the way around the perimeter. Separate the hooks from the wall-stationed insides, and gently lift outward.

Slide the free standing face of the soap dispenser down. There are hooks at most devices' bottoms that allow the face to swing out without complete removal.

Place both hands on either side of the cover, and gently pry the cover away from the wall. Maintain an upward angle while removing.

Release the interior hooks by bringing the cover downward. You will hear a soft plastic pop that signals the hooks have separated. This doesn't mean the plastic has broken.