How to Make the Black on a Motorcycle Engine Look Like New

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The black paint on motorcycle engines can fade with use, age, and from exposure to the elements such as rain, heat, sun, snow, and so forth. Engine brighteners are manufactured under several brands, such as S100 and Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, for the purpose of restoring the engine black and other engine components to new. Engine brightener for motorcycles is simple to use and produces a new or like-new restored appearance to the motorcycle engine.

Move the motorcycle to a well-ventilated garage or in an area where it is safe to work away from splashing puddles, a lot of loose dirt that can blow around, children playing, or rain. Allow the engine to cool so that it can safely be touched. If desired, spray off or clean the engine parts before applying the engine brightener for maximum results.

Hold the can of engine brightener near the engine black components that will be cleaned and restored. Spray the entire engine black area with engine brightener and allow the product to rest. Essentially, the product is soaking up dirt, debris, dust, and other junk covering the engine black that has dulled its appearance. The directions on the specific engine brightener will explain how long to leave on the product selected; some work faster than others.

Wipe the engine brightener away carefully, using the cloth rags, taking care to wipe all of the product off. Use the corners and edges of the rags to get in hard-to-reach spaces and around nuts and other parts for a completely restored finish. The black components will appear shiny, clean, and virtually like brand new. Repeat regularly to keep the engine parts in top condition and keep the motorcycle looking well-cared for.

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