How to Make a Paper French Beret Hat

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The beret is the hat that is typically associated with the French. Although it is a popular garment worn by the French, it was originally worn as military headgear by the Ancient Greeks and is still worn today by various cultures throughout the world, says

Construct a paper version of this hat to wear with a Halloween costume or for a costume in a play. A paper plate, construction paper, basic craft supplies and ingenuity are all you need to create a paper beret hat.

Colour the top and bottom of a paper plate with a coloured marker of your choice. The paper plate will serve as the top of the beret.

Wrap a piece of construction paper around your head. Mark the point where the construction paper meets around your head with a pencil. Cut a thin rectangle to the point you marked out of the construction paper. Choose a colour of construction paper that corresponds with the colour of the paper plate.

Form a circle with the construction paper rectangle. Tape the ends of the circle together.

Line the edge of the construction paper circle with glue. Place the top of the paper plate onto the construction paper circle. Set your paper beret aside to dry thoroughly before using it.