How to Make Store-Bought Icing Thicker

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Store-bought icing is sometimes not thick enough to hold your cake layers together or is just too thin for your tastes. Thickening your icing or frosting can easily be done with confectioners sugar, or icing sugar along with cream cheese. You can also add different flavoured chips or whole or chopped nuts. You can add food colouring to make your baked treats more colourful or fit a special event. A flexible spatula is best for spreading your frosting or icing.

Place your icing in the refrigerate for 1 hour.

Place the icing into your mixing bowl. Add your cream cheese to the icing. Add only a little bit at a time and blending well with an electric mixer or a wooden spoon. If you add too much cream cheese, you can change the flavour of the icing or make it too thick to spread.

Start combining the confectioners sugar 1 teaspoon at a time with the icing. Use your electric mixer to wooden spoon to get an even consistency. Do not use granulated sugar, as it will make the icing grainy.

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