How to Use a Sewing Machine to Write Letters

Sewing Machine Needle image by C Agoncillo from

Free motion machine quilting allows a quilter to create a variety of patterns, including letters and numbers. Free motion quilting frees up the fabric and allows the quilter to move the fabric freely around under the needle. Coloured threads and flowing letter stencils add even more flair to the machine writing.

The art of writing on a piece of fabric, with a sewing machine, is simple and involves just a few items.

Follow the owner's manual for the sewing machine and disengage the feed dogs on the sewing machine. Thread the machine according to the manual.

Trace the quilting design on to lightweight paper. Pin the paper to the fabric.

Place the fabric and paper under the sewing machine foot and sew along the lines. Proceed at a slow pace, turning the fabric and paper to follow the flow of the letters. Gently tear the paper away from the fabric.