How to Make Bows on Wedding Invitations With Ribbon

golden bow image by Shannon Workman from

Whether you have purchased wedding invitations or created your own by hand, a bow makes the perfect decorative accent. Use ribbon that matches the theme, colour scheme or overall look of your invitations. A simple bow placed at the top of your invitation makes a statement that your guests are sure to love.

If you are using a plain invitation to save money, a simple bow from the ribbon of your choice can add a lot of extra flair.

Punch two holes, side-by-side, in the top of your wedding invitation. If your invitation has an overlay, place the overlay on to of the invitation and punch through both at the same time. If you wish to be precise in the spacing of your holes, make pencil marks 1 1/4 inches down from the top and 2 3/8 inches from each side. Punch your holes on the pencil marks.

Cut a 14 inch piece of ribbon. Make sure to cut the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying and create a more polished look.

Feed both ends of the ribbon through the holes from the back to the front of the invitation.

Tie the ribbon into a bow on the front side of the wedding invitation. Pull on the loops of the ribbon to tighten. Adjust the bow as needed.

Trim the ends of the bow at an angle if needed.