How to tell a real moncler

Moncler jackets have been a winter fashion staple for both men and women in Italy and Japan since the company's spring and summer 2000 collection. Since 2007, Moncler has increased its presence in the U.S. as well. As with any popular fashion item, the consumer risks purchasing a fake Moncler jacket. Some unscrupulous dealers and auctions, both live and online, sell counterfeits.

Look for an authentic Moncler label at the centre top of the inside of most Moncler jacket. For reversible and K2 styles, look for the label on the lower right inside of the jacket. Locate the size label directly beneath the Moncler label and confirm that the colours of the labels match. Confirm the location of the material-care label on the left portion of the inner part of the jacket, sewn into the lining seam.

Look closely at the buttons and zipper of the Moncler jacket. Check that the engraving on the buttons read "Fiocchi Italy." (If Moncler sold the jacket before 2003, you'll find the word "Moncler" on the buttons. Check the zipper pull for the word "Lampo." Moncler does not manufacture jackets without the"Lampo" engraving. (All engravings appear in capital letters.)

Examine the texture of the embroidery on the jacket. Moncler uses textured embroidery -- never flat or printed.

Enter on the Certilogo website the 12-digit code on the back of the woven label if Moncler produced the jacket since spring 2009. For online purchases, check for the Certilogo button on the seller's website to ensure that the seller has pre-authenticated the Moncler jacket with the Certilogo system.

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