How to take off VW bug emblems

vw käfer aus schmiedeeisernen stäben image by Andreas Konrad from

Volkswagon (VW) Beetles, or Bugs, are iconic cars that carry the VW emblem on both the front hood and hatchback. The emblem is silver and black in the U.S. or blue-on-white in Europe. Removing the emblem is necessary prior to repainting the VW bug.

Aftermarket body refinishers or car art enthusiasts can also remove the emblem to replace with a design creation or emblem of their own. A few simple tools are all it takes to remove the emblem.

Wrap the flat head screwdriver with electrical tape to prevent damage to the paint. Slip the screw driver behind the front emblem and pry carefully from the bonnet. The emblem is glued to the hood.

Remove residue from the hood with adhesive remover. Add adhesive remover to the shop towels and rub gently until the adhesive residue removes.

Open the hatchback. Remove the screws from inside the handle. Remove the cover that the screws held in. Pull off the wiring harnesses and let them hang. Snip off tie wrap. Clip the long rod that connects the white bell crank to the hatch lock. Unscrew the three screws that hold in a strange black metal bracket. Remove the bracket.

Unscrew the three 6mm star bolts with the 6mm star tool. Pull out the base and carrier. Remove the e-clip connected to the emblem. Remove the emblem from the outside of the hatchback.