How to Make an Easy Anne Boleyn Costume

According to Joan Bergin, costumier designer on Showtime's television miniseries, "The Tudors," the fortunes of Anne Boleyn were ever-changing and so were her clothes. She transformed from an obedient child to a court coquette to the queen of England. Upon her execution, she was a contemptible opportunist.

Tudor clothes were typically extravagant. Dresses stitched with gold or silver thread were covered with gems. Slashing shirts and sleeves to expose colourful undergarments became the rage.

Glue the black tennis visor to the hair bow so that the visor faces the back of your head. Allow time to dry.

Cut a large enough piece of black velvet material to cover both the hair bow and the visor. Glue the velvet onto your hood.

For the veil of the French hood, cut a long square of black silk fabric. The veil should be long enough to trail behind you like a bridal train. Glue the silk to the rim of the sun visor. Allow to dry.

Glue one strand of pearls to the near rim of the hair bow. Glue a second strand of pearls to the rim of the sun visor.

Sew or glue a gold brocade strip along neckline of the black square-necked blouse.

Slash or cut the sleeves of the blouse up to the elbows. The loose sleeves should flap open. Stitch or glue a gold scarf to the edges of the cut sleeve so that the scarf puffs out. Do this for both sleeves.

Sew or glue a gold brocade strip around the waist and bottom edge of the two-hoop black petticoat.

Spray the lace-up sandals with the gold paint. Allow to dry.

The Elizabethans did not shy away from flashy style or colour, so add diamond earrings or any number of ornaments to the costume.