How to work from home assembling products

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Assembling products from home can supplement your existing income with a payment for each group of correctly finished pieces. The various companies that provide kits for assembly work range from jewellery to electronics companies. It is important to research each company before joining their home assembly team. Contact other work-at-home assemblers and the Better Business Bureau to determine which companies are scams and which ones actually pay. Some scam assembly companies sell you a kit to make select number of products and then refuse to pay you because the work never passes quality control. The scam artists make their money selling the supplies to unsuspecting customers.

Order a kit through one of the many companies offering at-home assembly work. Choose the kit that best meets your qualifications and interests. You can choose from crafts, electronics or jewellery.

Examine the entire contents of the kit for missing or damaged supplies. Contact the company if there are any replacement parts needed to fulfil the required order. Pay close attention to the sample product supplied in your kit to fully grasp how the product is created.

Assemble one or two items and send them in for a review before continuing with any more assembly work. Once your work has been approved, finish assembling the products in your kit.

Ship the finish products back to the supplier for final inspection and payment. Remember to note whether you want your deposit rolled over into another kit or refunded with your payment.

Rework items sent back that didn't pass inspection. Pay close attention to what the company specified about the problems. Mail back the repaired products for payment.

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