How to Make Your Own Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are unusual and attractive paving stones used for walkways or as decorative elements in the garden. Make your own unique crazy pavers in a variety of shapes and designs using walkway moulds and concrete. Customise the look of your walkway with coloured tile chips, pebbles and seashells. Glow-in-the-dark sand or pebbles pressed into the surface create a striking glowing walkway.

Place mould down on the site you want to pave. The soil should be smooth and level without any grass or weeds.

Pour the coloured gravel and glow-in-the-dark pebbles into the 2-gallon bucket and mix well. These will give the walkway a colourful look both day and night.

Pour the concrete into the wheel barrow and add 4.5 pints of water. Stir with the hoe until the concrete has the consistency of modelling clay. Make sure to rinse the concrete off the hoe after stirring the concrete.

Shovel the concrete mixture into the cells of the mould. Leave enough space at the top for adding the gravel and sea shells. Rinse off the shovel to keep concrete from hardening on it.

Place seashells in the cells as you desire. You can arrange them in patterns or at random depending upon the look you want to achieve.

Scatter the coloured stone mixture onto the top of the filled mould. Press the stones down into the surface of the concrete to finish adding the decorative look.

Remove the mould and smooth the edges of the moulded concrete with a trowel. Smooth the edges all the way around the section and rinse off the trowel.

Place the mould down next to the completed section and repeat the process until the walk is as long as you want. Allow the sections to harden 4 to 6 hours before curing.

Pour acrylic concrete sealer into the garden sprayer and pump the sprayer up. Spray an even coating of the sealer on the walkway sections. This will seal the concrete and aid in curing it properly.

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