DIY Wireless USB Hub

usb2 connector image by leafy from

One of the many uses of wireless USB technology is the ability to create wireless USB hubs. With a wireless USB hub, you can have your computer in one room, your USB devices in another, and connect them wirelessly while still maintaining the rated speed (up to 480 MB/s) of USB. If this set-up would be convenient for you, you need to get a wireless USB kit.

Connect the USB hub to the USB port on the wireless USB adaptor base, and then plug the power adaptor into the power port on the base and connect the other end to a wall plug or power strip.

Connect the desired USB devices to the USB hub and prepare them for use. (Plug them in to power, and turn them on. Varies per device.)

Connect the PC adaptor in the wireless USB kit to your computer. Any devices you have connected to the USB hub will now be recognised by Windows and you can begin using them as you normally would.

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