How to Remove the Center Console From a Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a small-sized sports car made by the Ford Motor Company, introduced in North America in 2000. As of 2010, the Focus is still in production. The Focus has a centre console that includes two cup holders, and on some models, a fold-down armrest.

The centre console may need to be removed for repair or replacement, or to gain access to mechanical components located underneath it.

Lift up the black rubber cup holder inserts located at the front of the console and place them aside. Pry off the small plastic trim cover located at the front of he console, using a flathead screwdriver, and place it aside. Remove the three retaining bolts revealed after removing the inserts and the cover, using a 10mm socket and ratchet wrench, and place them aside.

Locate the trim cover on the centre armrest, located just behind the armrest hinge. Push the cover towards the rear of the car and remove it. Remove the two armrest retaining screws revealed after removing the cover with a Philips screwdriver. Lift the armrest straight up from the console and place it aside. Skip this step if your Focus does not have a centre armrest.

Push a plastic putty knife around the perimeter of the base of the shifter boot to separate it from the console retaining clips. Remove the shifter knob by twisting it off the shift lever in a counterclockwise direction. Pull the boot straight up and off the shift lever. Skip this step if your Focus has an automatic transmission.

Lift the parking brake lever to its highest setting.

Lift the console straight up. Move the console around, as needed, so that it will clear the shifter lever and the parking brake handle. Remove the console from the passenger compartment.