How to Bend Threaded Rod

Metal rods can come in many types, such as stainless steel and iron. Rods that have threads can also be used as rebar when working with cement. These rods are typically manufactured to be straight. This means that if you need to shape a threaded rod, it will need to bent.

You can bend a threaded rod by using tools that you have in your garage or workshop.

Place two ½-inch or ¾-inch bolts 1 inch apart in the bench vice. Tighten the bench vice by turning it counterclockwise to prevent the bolts from moving.

Place the threaded rod between the bolts in the vice. Determine where you need to have the bend in the rod.

Put on a pair of heavy-duty work gloves, and then use the striker to light the oxyacetylene or propane torch. Apply heat to the inside area of the rod until it begins to change colour. You want the rod to have a red colour to be able to bend it.

Grab onto the end of the rod and pull it until it begins to bend. Pull slowly on the rod to prevent it from developing cracks.

Apply more heat, as needed, to bend the rod to the angle that you need.