Little Tikes Climber Assembly Instructions

The Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber is an easy-to-climb unit for toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of two and six. This multi-level climber can be used both indoors and out, and offers wide platform levels that assist children with their developing climbing skills.

This climber includes a wavy, soft plastic slide for easy riding and landing, as well as an underneath play area for extra toddler fun. When assembled, this product measures 66.00 inches in length, 56.50 inches in width, 45.25 inches in height and weighs 19 Kilogram. Assembly requires an adult and are moderately simple.

Take inventory of all the parts. Your package should include one slide, three small triangle pieces, two large side pieces, one small side piece, two platform pieces and two screws.

Insert the letter A part of the platform into the letter A section of the side piece. Insert the letter B part of the platform into the letter B section of the side piece. For lubrication, add liquid dish soap or vegetable oil where the parts connect before assembling.

Hold the two small rectangles with the letter C and D (one on each). Insert each triangle into the corresponding letter on the second platform piece. Begin by inserting the smaller section into the larger part. Push down while wiggling back and forth until you hear a "pop" sound.

Hold the C and D labelled platform, and connect it to the large side pieces corresponding C and D section. Lay the entire unit on its side and push down with both hands. Continue pushing down until you hear a "pop" sound which ensures the pieces are locked.

Connect the small triangle labelled E, while it's on its side, to the platform piece with the corresponding E. Push in until you hear a "pop" sound.

Take the small side piece and connect it with part E. Push into place. Insert one screw into the bottom of part E and use screwdriver to secure. Turn the unit upright and insert the other screw into the top part of E. Use screwdriver to secure pieces together.

Hold the slide with both hands and connect it to the main unit. Use both hands and push down firmly on the top part of the slide. Push until you feel the slide tighten between the two walls; you should still hear a "pop" sound. Holding the top and bottom of the slide at the same time (one hand on each), push the slide towards the ground. The slide should be firmly attached to the walls, and sit level to the ground.