Why Your Vapor Tachometer Is Not Working Properly

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The Vapor tachometer by Trail Tech is designed for use with motorcycles, motor bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). The Vapor tachometer functions as an engine temperature gauge, odometer and timer. Problems with the tachometer evolve from poor care, loose wires and human error.

Low Battery

The Vapor tachometer has the option of running on an internal battery only or being connected to the vehicle's 12-volt battery supply. If the connections have come dislodged and/or the tachometer is running on internal supply alone, the back light will be significantly weaker. When the internal or external battery supply is below 2.4 volts, the display screen will be black.

Poor Storage

When left in direct sunlight or in below freezing temperatures, the display screen will appear black. Remove the tachometer to room temperature. Once the tachometer casing has returned to a nominal temperature, press the reset button on the back of the tachometer.

Wire Trouble

If the connector wires become crimped or stripped, the Vapor tachometer may give incorrect readings or error messages. Ensure that all wires are properly connected according to the instruction manual, and then reset the tachometer.

Incorrect Settings

The RPM reading is dependent on inputting the correct wheel size. If your speed or RPM readings are significantly disproportionate to a known distance, recalculate your wheel size according to the instructions in the tachometer manual.

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