How to Reset a Suzuki Vitara Computer with a Battery Cable Disconnection

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The Suzuki Vitara is an imported version of the Chevy Tracker. Resetting its computer is a simple procedure, but doing so can lead to operational problems with the Vitara for a few driving cycles. Because the vehicle features on-board diagnostics version two (OBD II), which was implemented in 1996 by all vehicle manufacturers, it has a self-learning computer that monitors such things as idle and acceleration cycles.

Open the bonnet to the Suzuki Vitara.

Loosen the black wired negative battery terminal clamp with a metric wrench enough to be able to wiggle the clamp free from the negative battery post.

Turn the interior light switch to the on position and leave the vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes. Another way to discharge stored current in the vehicle's computer is to press on the horn while the battery is disconnected. The horn will not sound off since the battery is not connected, but it will drive the stored energy from the capacitor, as will turning on the headlight switch.

Reconnect the negative battery terminal clamp and tighten it with the metric wrench.

Start the engine of the Vitara and test drive it (preferably on low-traffic roads since there may be some operational issues until the computer begins to relearn).

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