How to make a free proxy site

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Proxy sites are developed to help Internet users who need to bypass Internet browsing restrictions on a network, or wish to hide their IP address behind a proxy's server to surf the Net anonymously. Generally, proxy sites are available on the Web at no charge; however, other proxy services require an access fee. If you are looking to make a free proxy, you can create it without investing any money if you use the right tools.

Create your own website if you don't already have one. Webs and Weebly are two free services that can help you create your own website at no charge (see Resources). With these services, you are simply required to type your desired proxy website name and follow the user friendly prompts.

Design your free proxy site keeping in mind that simple is better. For instance, with Webs and Weebly you can choose a predesigned template that will be displayed on every page of your site; however, proxy sites generally consist of one page only. Once you have selected the design for your free proxy site, you can add images or text by selecting the "Add Images," or the "Add Text" option. When adding text to your free proxy site, make sure to write an introduction describing what your proxy service offers. For example, you can write about how your proxy is free to use, bypasses Internet restrictions through its server, hides people's IP addresses or any other information you find pertinent for your specific proxy site.

Visit the Install Xav website (see Resources). You will use this website to install a CGI bypass proxy on your site. Click on the "Start" tab displayed on the page. Click on the "James Marshall" link displayed below where it says "Step 1a of 6: Select Vendor," and then click on the "CGIProxy" link displayed below where it says "James Marshall."

Leave the preselected version as is below where it says "Step 2 of 6: Select Version" and click on the "Next" tab. Click on the "Accept" tab below where it reads "Step 3 of 6: Agree to license terms."

Type the name of your proxy site ( in the text box displayed beside where it says "Your Website." Type the username and password you created when making your proxy site. The username goes beside where it says "FTP Username" and the password next to where it reads "FTP Password." The rest of the information is optional; therefore, you don't have to complete it.

Click on the "Next" tab and then click "OK" to finish the process. The CGI proxy bypass is now installed in your free proxy site and a text bar will be displayed therein. Type any URL address in the text bar displayed on your free proxy site and you will be able to access any site with your IP address hidden behind another server's IP address, plus you can also bypass Internet restrictions. Share your free proxy site's URL address with friends or coworkers and they will also be able to use it for free.

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