How to Remove an Audi TT Grille

The Audi TT front bumper includes three vent grills (located on the bottom of the bumper) that can be removed in order to customise the look of your vehicle. There are several grill designs that you can choose from to give your vehicle the look you desire.

The three grills are attached to the bumper with plastic clips that can be easily detached. You can remove the Audi TT grills in about a half an hour, and save yourself some time and money in the process.

Unfasten the screws that secure the front number plate and number plate holder of the Audi TT, using a flathead screwdriver, before attempting to remove the grill.

Slide a flathead screwdriver through the passenger side vent grill on the bottom of the front bumper. Press down on the retaining clip on the far end of the grill with the screwdriver to detach the clip.

Pull the grill forward gently from the edge and unfasten the two remaining clips by hand. Take the passenger side vent grill away from the bumper frame and set it out of the way.

Reach through the passenger side grill opening and unfasten the clip closest to you on the centre grill. Peel the grill back from the end and unfasten the remaining 15 clips on the centre grill.

Take the centre grill off the bumper and set it side. Slide the flathead screwdriver through the driver's side vent grill on the far end and push down on the clip to loosen the edge of the grill.

Peel the grill back gently toward the centre and unfasten the remaining six clips. Take the driver's side vent grill off the Audi TT bumper.