How to Remove Cement From Wood

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Cement and other adhesives can make a mess that may be very difficult to remove if one is accidentally spilt onto your wood floor. Attempting to remove cement by grinding is likely to scratch or damage your floor. Alternatively, you can try contact cement solvent or a similar product along with a stainless steel scraper to help the cement detach from the wood.

Open the windows in the room you want to work in. Solvent can emit fumes that may pose a health hazard if the room is not properly ventilated.

Apply the solvent to the cement adhesive and let it sit for about an hour until the cement begins to soften. You can check the cement for weakening by pressing it with your finger or by trying to scrape it softly.

Use your scraper to get any cement off of the wood, making passes at the top of the cement build-up and working your way to the bottom. Take special care not to let the scraper touch the wood too much or you might end up damaging the wood.

Use sandpaper to remove the last bits of cement from the wood, but don't over-sand the wood to the point of removing its protective polish.

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