How to make a pop-up pyramid

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A pop-up pyramid can be created using a few craft store items. It is made by slicing shapes and lines onto card with a craft knife which, when pulled out, will create a special three-dimensional pop-up pyramid. Pop-up pyramids may be used to decorate homemade greeting cards and add a three-dimensional appearance to art projects.

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Place the card onto the cutting board. Use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark a 2.5 by 2.5 cm (1 inch by 1 inch) square in the centre of the card. Erase a 0.5 cm (13/64 inch) section in the middle of the left-hand edge of the square. Repeat on the opposite side of the square.

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Draw two vertical lines 2.5 cm (1 inch) in length, 2 cm (25/32 inch) away from the edges of the square you just erased the middle section.

Measure 2 cm (25/32 inch) away from the line drawn in Step 2 and 2 cm (25/32 inch) above the original square drawn in Step 1. Draw a rectangle around these marks. Erase a 1 cm (25/64 inch) gap in the middle of the outer edges (as in Step 1). Repeat the process of drawing a line and a rectangle, with two 1 cm (25/64 inch) erased sides, until you have about eight to 10 layers.

Carefully cut out the pyramid. Use the craft knife to slice all of the marked pencil lines. Be careful not to cut out the erased areas.

Gently pull the central square toward you to reveal a 3-D pop-up pyramid. If desired, glue the outside edges of the pop-up pyramid into a greeting card.

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