How to Use Drain King

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Drain King is an attachment that fits on the end of a sprinkler and unclogs drains using water pressure. Drain King is environmentally friendly and does not need toxic chemicals to operate. Water pressure expands the rubber Drain King nozzle in the blocked drain like a balloon.

The expanded part stops the water in the waste pipe from rising to the surface. A water jet passes through the sprinkler and the Drain King nozzle to clear the blockage. The Drain King is available in several sizes depending on the width of your blocked drain pipe.

Remove the drain stopper or drain screen. If you are using the Drain King to remove a blockage from an exterior drain, the drain screen will lift off. An interior sink or bath will have a single screw holding the drain screen in place. Remove the screw with the screwdriver using counter-clockwise turns. Remove the drain screen.

Screw the Drain King nozzle end to the sprinkler. The Drain King package is purchased with the sprinkler end fittings. Attach the other end of the sprinkler to a faucet. The end of the sprinkler is a rubber, push-on fitment for the faucet.

Place the Drain King nozzle down the blocked drain as far as it will go.

Turn on the faucet, slowly. The water pressure will expand the Drain King nozzle down the blocked drain.

Increase the water pressure by turning the faucet higher. The water pressure running through the Drain King will clear the blockage.

Shut off the water once the blockage is cleared. The blockage is clear once you hear a clunk in the waste pipe. The Drain King will deflate when the water is shut off.

Replace the stoppers or drain cover and stow the sprinkler and Drain King.