How to measure for cushion covers

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Cushion covers can look old and worn after an extended period of use. Little fingers can leave streaks and stains, and covers occasionally need to be replaced. In order to use presewn cushion covers or to make your own, you need to make sure to accurately measure for a proper fit.

A simple replacement of the cushion covers in your dining room, living room and outside furniture can freshen your space and make the old furniture look new again.

Unzip the cushions from any existing covering. If the seams are sewn together and cannot be unzipped or unbuttoned, keep the thickness of the existing cover in mind when writing down measurements. For the most accurate fit, try to strip the cushion as bare as possible.

Lay the cushion on a large flat surface, such as a counter or the floor. Be sure the area is clean before placing the cushion without the cover on the surface.

Measure the sides of the cushion. Use a fabric tape measure, a measuring tape that is flexible to ensure the most accurate measurements. Measure the height, width and depth of the cushion.

Add 2.5 cm (1 inch) to each measurement. This allowance accounts for ease and any seam tucks that will need to be made.

Write down measurements for future reference.