How to Find the Spare Wheel for a Ford Puma

Many drivers fear experiencing a flat tire on the road, especially when you drive at night. An important part of dealing with a flat tire is to know where to find the spare tire in your car. The Ford Puma spare mounts under the floor of the cargo area and is accessible after lifting the rear hatch.

You will find a jack and lug wrench beneath the spare tire as well.

Unlock and open the rear hatch of your Ford Puma.

Grasp the corner of the carpet lining at the bottom of the cargo area. Pull the carpet up out of the way, exposing the bottom of the cargo area.

Remove the black plastic cover under the carpet lining to expose the spare tire. Remove the retaining screw threaded through the centre of the rim. Unscrew the retaining screw counterclockwise by hand, then lift the spare tire out of the mounting area.