How to Keep an Ice Cube From Melting

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You can serve an iced drink that is full flavoured and very cold by controlling the storage temperatures of the ice cube and the liquid it goes into. Allowing an ice cube to melt into a drink can cause the beverage to taste watered down and bland. A working thermostat, refrigerator and freezer is all you need to keep an ice cube frozen as long as possible even after it has been added to a drink.

Set the thermostat to turn on the air conditioning in the house until the temperature is as low as cool as you are comfortable. Around 20 degrees Celsius or a little below is sufficiently cold. Take a room temperature reading in the area that you intend to keep the ice cube from melting.

Freeze the intended serving glass along with the largest volume ice cube that will fit into it inside a freezer that is running at -17.8 degrees C. It may take as long as two hours for the single cube to freeze completely solid. Leaving a freezer thermometer inside the freezer between a couple bags of frozen food will give you and accurate reading.

Chill the liquid in a refrigerator that is maintaining a constant temperature around 1.11 degrees C. The thermometer should be left inside the refrigerator away from the incoming cold air vent.

Remove the chilled glass from the freezer and place the ice cube inside using a pair of tongs. Touching the ice cube with warm skin will start the melting process.

Pour the chilled liquid from the refrigerator over the ice cube in the chilled glass until there is enough for it to float or be submerged.

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